Monday, December 26, 2011


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.b.t..

On 23 December 2011 my sister and I were beginning to find company for UBS projects.We have to find or search for potential companies that are able and willing to share all their detail transactions for 6 month with us.It is not an easy as we think.

A lot of barrier we have to face such as rejected from companies.We have been rejected for three times.First company was Dobi Shop located at Persanda,second was Printing & Photostat Shop located at Tesco nearer MSU and Grocery Shop at Persanda. Most of the owner give same reason where is hard for them to give all the transactions and documents because its private and confidential.When they expose all the information of the business to us,it give risk to them where is the document maybe lost because of negligence in our side moreover we are still student.We were very upset but we try to keep up our spirit and keep searching..

Alhamdulillah finally we find the potential company that willing to help us.


The owner was very friendly and humble person.It is very easy for us to communicate with him even he's very busy person..Thank you to MR Faisal..

Because of the business is located far from our house,we have to take cab and KTM. For the first meeting,we were able to see all the transaction incurred for that business in manual,but we only need for 6month transaction only.For the beginning we only collect cash sales from this company to key in into the UBS system(computerised).

This UBS project is very challenging project, but learning is like "jihad". To get a success we need sacrificed life and limb in terms of time, money, and energy. Difficulty of obtaining such information is very interesting will make our UBS project more meaningful..(^_^)

~~Challenge make ME more Independent~~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

UBS skills..

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.b.t

The first step before we use the UBS,we have to install the UBS computerised software in the computer or laptop. After we can use it for any business transaction.
The three skill that been learned are:

1st skill:Set company name and accounting period
- Housekeeping
- Setup
- General setup
- Enter company name and address
- Enter last accounting year closing date
- Enter starting and closing period
* 1st period stand for January

2nd skill:Create chart of account
- General
- General ledger account maintainance
- Click "ADD" button
- Key in the chart of account
- Click at "SAVE" button
- Click at "EXIT" button
- To view all accounts, go to general -> Print chart of accounts

3rd skill:Organise batches
- Transaction
- Organise batches
- Click at "ADD" button
- Click at "EXIT" button

4th skill:Enter transaction : ADD ENTRY
- Transaction
- Transaction file maintainance
- Click at "ADD" button
- Types the batch number
- Type the period
-Key in the transactions
- Click at "SAVE" button
- Click at "EXIT" button

***ADD ENTRY is a single transaction entry procedure.When we enter a debit entry,we have to add credit entry(or vise-versa) to complete the double entry concept.The ADD ENTRY is difference with the QUICK ENTRY.We will look at QUICK ENTRY in the next entry.(^_^)

As conclusion,the skill that we have already learned today are Set company name and accounting period,Create chart of account,Organise batches and Enter transaction:ADD ENTRY...

~~~Skill is something that need to be learned~~

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.b.t

UBS(user business system) is involved in virtually all major financial activities, including retail and commercial banking, investment banking, investment management and wealth management. Objective of this project is to helps to convert an organization that uses manual accounting system to computerize accounting system.

This project need us to find small company and business that does not use at all the UBS in their business transaction.Two person are required for each group.Our supervisor is Sir Noreffendy and Miss Iylia Dayana. Every group have to know all detail about the business such as the location, activities been running and others. The duration of the transaction are 6 month and we have to gather not more than 1000 transaction.

Our previous senior said that it not a big deal at all if our application been rejected for the first time,this is because they already face of been rejecting more than 20 times.

In our opinion this UBS project allow us to expose ourselves to the real business environment and also increase the credibility of communicate with outsider confidently. By doing this, will help us how it is the taste of "Rejection" and "Employed".By doing this it also help us to master more in accounting transaction and more familiar with UBS before when to "Latihan Industri" life and future job perspective. (^_^)

~~~Accounting such an Art~~~