Monday, December 26, 2011


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.b.t..

On 23 December 2011 my sister and I were beginning to find company for UBS projects.We have to find or search for potential companies that are able and willing to share all their detail transactions for 6 month with us.It is not an easy as we think.

A lot of barrier we have to face such as rejected from companies.We have been rejected for three times.First company was Dobi Shop located at Persanda,second was Printing & Photostat Shop located at Tesco nearer MSU and Grocery Shop at Persanda. Most of the owner give same reason where is hard for them to give all the transactions and documents because its private and confidential.When they expose all the information of the business to us,it give risk to them where is the document maybe lost because of negligence in our side moreover we are still student.We were very upset but we try to keep up our spirit and keep searching..

Alhamdulillah finally we find the potential company that willing to help us.


The owner was very friendly and humble person.It is very easy for us to communicate with him even he's very busy person..Thank you to MR Faisal..

Because of the business is located far from our house,we have to take cab and KTM. For the first meeting,we were able to see all the transaction incurred for that business in manual,but we only need for 6month transaction only.For the beginning we only collect cash sales from this company to key in into the UBS system(computerised).

This UBS project is very challenging project, but learning is like "jihad". To get a success we need sacrificed life and limb in terms of time, money, and energy. Difficulty of obtaining such information is very interesting will make our UBS project more meaningful..(^_^)

~~Challenge make ME more Independent~~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

UBS skills..

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.b.t

The first step before we use the UBS,we have to install the UBS computerised software in the computer or laptop. After we can use it for any business transaction.
The three skill that been learned are:

1st skill:Set company name and accounting period
- Housekeeping
- Setup
- General setup
- Enter company name and address
- Enter last accounting year closing date
- Enter starting and closing period
* 1st period stand for January

2nd skill:Create chart of account
- General
- General ledger account maintainance
- Click "ADD" button
- Key in the chart of account
- Click at "SAVE" button
- Click at "EXIT" button
- To view all accounts, go to general -> Print chart of accounts

3rd skill:Organise batches
- Transaction
- Organise batches
- Click at "ADD" button
- Click at "EXIT" button

4th skill:Enter transaction : ADD ENTRY
- Transaction
- Transaction file maintainance
- Click at "ADD" button
- Types the batch number
- Type the period
-Key in the transactions
- Click at "SAVE" button
- Click at "EXIT" button

***ADD ENTRY is a single transaction entry procedure.When we enter a debit entry,we have to add credit entry(or vise-versa) to complete the double entry concept.The ADD ENTRY is difference with the QUICK ENTRY.We will look at QUICK ENTRY in the next entry.(^_^)

As conclusion,the skill that we have already learned today are Set company name and accounting period,Create chart of account,Organise batches and Enter transaction:ADD ENTRY...

~~~Skill is something that need to be learned~~

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.b.t

UBS(user business system) is involved in virtually all major financial activities, including retail and commercial banking, investment banking, investment management and wealth management. Objective of this project is to helps to convert an organization that uses manual accounting system to computerize accounting system.

This project need us to find small company and business that does not use at all the UBS in their business transaction.Two person are required for each group.Our supervisor is Sir Noreffendy and Miss Iylia Dayana. Every group have to know all detail about the business such as the location, activities been running and others. The duration of the transaction are 6 month and we have to gather not more than 1000 transaction.

Our previous senior said that it not a big deal at all if our application been rejected for the first time,this is because they already face of been rejecting more than 20 times.

In our opinion this UBS project allow us to expose ourselves to the real business environment and also increase the credibility of communicate with outsider confidently. By doing this, will help us how it is the taste of "Rejection" and "Employed".By doing this it also help us to master more in accounting transaction and more familiar with UBS before when to "Latihan Industri" life and future job perspective. (^_^)

~~~Accounting such an Art~~~

Friday, October 21, 2011

Al-Quran & Hujan

Alhamdulillah sudah empat hari berada di kampung halaman.Setiap petang tanah tidak pernah kering.Pokok,bunga,daun tersenyum keriangan mekar tidak kehausan kerana hujan rahmat yang melimpah membasahi hidupan alam.Nyamannya dinginnya sehingga malam.Alhamdulillah..Oleh kerana nikmat ni berterusan,hati ini tertarik untuk bercerita tentang Al-Quran & Pembentukan Awan dan juga Hujan. Dalam proses pembentukan awan dan hujan, Al-Quran telah menjelaskannya secara tepat dan tertib. Dalam Al-Quran Surah Ar-Rum ayat 48. “Allah, Dialah yang mengirim angin lalu angin itu menggerakkan awan dan Allah membentangkannya di langit menurut yang dikehendakiNya, dan menjadikannya bergumpal-gumpal: lalu kamu lihat hujan keluar dari celah-celahnya. Maka apabila hujan itu turun menimpa hambaNya yang dikehendakiNya menjadikan mereka gembira. Melalui sepotong ayat ini,Terdapat tiga peringkat dalam proses pembentukan hujan. Peringkat yang pertama:“Allah,Dialah yang mengirim angin… Gelembung-gelembung air yang terbentuk melalui pembuihan lautan secara berterusan mulai pecah dan menyebabkan zarah-zarah air di tolak ke atas permukaan udara. Zarah-zarah ini, yang kaya dengan kandungan garam, kemudiannya dibawa oleh angin dan naik ke tingkat lebih tinggi di atmosfera. Zarah-zarah ini dipanggil aerosol, berfungsi sebagai perangkap air dan membentuk titisan awan. Dengan mengumpulkan wap air yang naik ke atas dari permukaan laut sebagai titisan halus. Peringkat yang kedua:...menggerakkan awan dan Allah membentangkannya dilangit menurut yang dikehendakiNya. Dan menjadikannya bergumpal-gumpal…” Awan adalah terbentuk dari wap air yang terkondensasi di sekeliling kristal garam atau zarah-zarah halus di udara. Di sebabkan titisan air dalam kepulan ini adalah kecil kepulan ini tergantung di udara dan tersebar merintangi langit. Dan dengan itu, langit kini diliputi dengan gumpalan awan. Peringkat yang terakhir:…lalu kamu lihat hujan keluar dari celah-celahnya” Zarah-zarah yang mengelilingi titisan garam dan zarah-zarah habuk semakin menebal dan membentuk titisan hujan, jadi, titisan yang menjadi lebih berat daripada udara akan meninggalkan gumpalan awan dan mula untuk gugur ke bumi sebagai hujan. Hebat kan Furqan Allah.Pakar meteorologi pun hanya mengetahui maklumat pembentukan hujan hanya di akhir-akhir ini dan melalui peralatan canggih seperti kapal terbang, satelit, computer dan lain-lain. Ini membuktikan bahawa Allah telah memberikan kita secebis maklumat yang tidak diketahui 1400 tahun dahulu.Hebat kan. p/s:katak tak panggil hujan tau.jom mandi hujan.(^_^)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Knowledge is something very vast, limitless and can be found everywhere. But the question is, have you been seeking knowledge? Or best, have you been seeking spiritual, Islamic knowledge to upgrade your deen and taqwa to Allah?

Most people often think that knowledge only comes from your high school textbooks. WRONG! What you learn from your textbooks isn’t the only source of knowledge! Even those FAQs and “how to upload photo on Facebook” you Google are also considered as knowledge ;D If knowledge is that easy to require, why not learn something new about Islam, your God Allah or even our beloved Prophet Muhammad today?

"Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim." Truer words have never been spoken!

When the Quran began to be revealed, the first word of its first verse was 'Iqra' that is, read. Allah says:

"Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created (all that exists). He has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood).

Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous. Who has taught (the writing) by the pen. He has taught man that which he knew not" (96: 1-5)

Knowledge is so important that seeking it is a COMMAND from God. He has given you the perfect “tools” to acquire knowledge.
"And Allaah has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allaah)" (16:78)
And by “tools”; yup, those are your senses! Wise them to the fullest to seek precious knowledge! ♥

Since knowledge is LIMITLESS, how should we, Muslims, know which knowledge is best to acquire first? The most important knowledge that a Muslim must seek is the knowledge of “syirik / shirk” and all that relates to it. You must first learn and understand God and your religion, so know your priorities! Academic and wordly knowledge is as important as we need to live, and knowledge operates how we live (even methods of brushing our teeth requires knowledge, yes?)

And did you know that seeking knowledge is a form of Ibadah? Paradise waits for knowledge seekers!
"Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him." (Al-Bukhaari)

Personally, I like gaining knowledge and information about Islam from the interwebz, especially from There are many credible and awesome speakers from all over the world, plus it's more entertaining to see visuals. Look around and you might find really good ones!

Last words: Don't stop seeking knowledge, even if takes you to China! Imagine yourself holding a BIG empty container or somesort, and each knowledge is represented by a piece of grain. Your mission is to fill up the container as much "grain", so don't ever give up on doing it and while you're at it.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Rumah Sinar Harapan

Rindu pada kak diana,abg bob,kak jariah,Jeremy,ombak,lin,emir n semua penghuni rumah sinar harapan.kalian tetap dalam ingatan.atikah sampai termimpi-mimpi ingat kalian semua..

Rumah sinar harapan menempatkan pesakit yang menghidap penyakit schizopherenia,Alzheimer,cacat anggota badan..ada yg dihantar oleh anak,dihantar oleh ibu bapa..pada mulanya atikah mmg takut nak pergi rumah ni..project manager ckp kena hati2x pergi sana..x boleh pakai jam,x boleh pakai baju yg boleh menarik minat penghuni.x boleh bawa beg..handphone pun x boleh bawa sebab nnti kalo penghuni dgr n nampak nnti mereka nak.nnti dah x boleh ambil balik.

tapi bila dah sampai,atikah rasa mereka semua ok..masa mula2x sampai kat situ kan abg bob(salah seorang pesakit kat situ greeting kami).abg bob ckp “bila nak masuk ni..”abg bob sangat comel cuma kadang-kadang dia suka ckp sesorang. dia baik.dia bawa atikah n kawan2x pusing keliling rumah.abg bob jadi pilot tunjukkan jalan tau.
Kak Diana pula pandai sangat menyanyi.kak Diana nyanyi lagu..atikah lupa tajuk lagu tu tapi ni senikatanye ‘di tepi pantai yg indah….ku duduk seorang diri…’sampai atikah n kawan2x menari dgr kak Diana nyanyi.hehe..erm..tapi bila kak Diana nyanyi lagu “oh ibu” atikah x dapat tahan…sedih…bila tgk penghuni tu semua..x tahu nak ckp apa..sejarah silam kak Diana pula sgt memberi tekanan pada dia lebih2x lagi kita sebagai seorang wanita..

Kak jariah pula sentiasa senyum.senyuman kak jariah sangat manis tapi kalo kak jariah dapat melihat dunia dan dapat bercakap mesti lagi manis kan..mesti dia banyak perkara yg hendak diceritakan pada atikah n adk.atikah sempat main bola n menyakat kak jariah waktu dalam bilik fisioterapi, waktu suapkan makan n waktu menari.bila kita pegang tgn mereka,mereka suka sgt.nampak riak wajah mereka yg ceria..yg inginkan kasih sayang.

Jeremy n emir pula pandai melukis.nak tahu x,hasil lukisan Jeremy n emir ada kesenian..tapi jeremy n emir cacat anggota badan.mereka duduk kat kerusi roda je..kalau mereka x cacat mesti dah jadi pelukis terkenal kan..cuba bayangkan gaji mereka RM2,200..mereka ada hp yg lagi canggih dari hp atikah..ada camera..jeremy n emir suka ambil gambar org yg dtg melawat.walaupun pertuturan mereka kurang jelas tapi kita akan faham kalau kita dgr betul2x..

Lin pula sangat peramah..suka main ‘sit,sit,sit..tom,tom,tom..air pasang dalam….”walaupun umurnya 40 tahun tapi lin mcm sebaya umur atikah je..cantik orgnye…lin selalu tolong tgkkan kawan2x dia..tolong suapkan makanan kat penghuni yag lain..lin nampak normal cuma masalah pertumbuhan otak membuatkan ibu bapanya menghantarnye ke rumah ini..

Atikah dapat berkenalan dgn mereka yg kat atas ni je..yg lain x dapat..x cukup masa..ada 6 asrama tapi atikah sempat berkenalan penghuni kat asrama melati je.yang sedihnye atikah x dapat nak bergambar dgn mereka semua sebab pihak rumah sinar harapan x kaci ambil gambar..untuk menjaga maruah penghuni dan ahli keluarga..huhu

Banyak pengajaran yg atikah dapat bila pergi rumah ni.Atikah besyukur sangat sebab Allah beri atikah cukup sifat.ada mak n ayah yg sgt baik…ada adik-adik.ada tempat nak luahkan segala masalah..sedih sangat tgk penghuni rumah ni.insyaAllah atikah akan jaga nikmat yg Allah beri ni sedaya upaya atikah..

InsyaAllah kalau panjang umur n ada rezeki nnti,lepas final exam nnti atikah akan pergi lagi.yeay.(^_^)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Kenalkah engkau kepada Sumayyah Srikandi sejati?
Seorang hamba yang sangat berani,
Padang pasir dan fatamorgana menjadi saksi,
Keteguhan iman keluarga ini,
Dijemur di bawah terik mentari.

Turut diseksa anak dan suami,
Oleh musyrikin yang dendam dan benci,
Yakni Al-Mughirah tuannya sendiri,
Abu Jahal yang melopori,
Kerana Sumayyah mengaku Rabbinya Ilahi,
Muhammad sebagai rasul dan nabi.

Rasulullah pemberi motivasi,
Kepada keluarga yang suci ini,
Tidak berganjak iman di hati,
Walau seksaan semakin pedih.

Pabila anak dan suami meninggalkan duniawi,
Akibat siksa yang berat sekali,
Sumayyah diseksa sekali lagi,
Oleh Abu Hudzaifah dan Abu Jahal yang dilaknati.

Walau dipaksa meninggalkan agama yang murni,
Makin teguh imannya di sanubari,
Penyeksa tidak berbuat apa lagi,
Api kemarahan memenuhi diri,
Sumayyah ditombak tertusuk tepat di ulu hati,
Akhirnya Syahid kerana
keteguhan imannya kepada Ilahi.

Walaupun dirimu tiada lagi,
Namun namamu menjadi sebutan di sana sini,
Srikandi dan Syahidah Islam pertama sekali,
Menjadi sejarah Tamadun Islam yang abadi.

Aku mencari dan terus mencari,
Adakah lagi wanita sepertimu ini?
Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti
Tetapi sukarnya dirimu ku cari ganti,
sukarnya dirimu dicontohi,
Oleh wanita Islam di era moden globalisasi.

Monday, February 21, 2011


مق دان ايه..سأندايڽ انقمو اين ڤرڬي دولو..تابوركن بوڠا-بوڠا چينتا اونتوق ديري اين.امڤونكن سڬالا دوسا انقمو.حلالكن ماكن مينوم دان معافكن انقمو اين كران تيدق سمڤت ممبالس جاس مو..سايڠ سلاماڽ...

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Tanggal 12 Rabi’ul Awwal yang cerah,
Terpancarnya cahaya hidayah..terpancarnya jelas dimuka bumi dunia..
Anak yatim lahir kedunia,diangkat darjat menjadi pesuruhNya,
Anak kelahiran bonda Aminah dan ayahanda Abdullah,
Muhammad diberi nama,tauladan utama.

Ya Muhammad..
Engkau bukan sebarang insan, engkau adalah calon pilihan,
Engkau adalah pejuang Allah, pejuang bukan sahaja di medan peperangan,
Malah pejuang Allah di dalam kejahilan kehidupan insan,
Pengorbananmu umpama mutiara ditengah lautan

Ya Nabi Allah..
Jasamu dalam manyebarkan syiar islam,deras bak hujan digurun sahara,
Walau dicaci, walau difitnah, walau diancam dan dihina,
Engkau sentiasa qanaah pada setiap ujian yang menimpa,
Engkau membawa rahmat,ukhwah dan islamiah di alam semesta.

Ya Rasulullah…
Engkau susuri ombak dengan senyuman,
Engkau hadapi gelombang dengan ketenangan,
Tidak pernah mengeluh,tidak pernah mengalah,
Kerana mengembangkan agama Allah itu satu kewajipan.

Ya kekasih Allah…
Diberikan engkau gerhana,dibalasi engkau cahaya purnama,
Engkau tabah hadapi dugaan,engkau redha dengan ketentuan,
Engkau penunjuk jalan dikala bumi dilanda gerhana,
Engkau adalah penawar dikala virus-virus merebak entah kemana,
Agungnya suara kedamaian…musnahlah segala persengketaan.

Ya Al-Amin…
Siddiq mu mengubat kekhilafan,yang timbul dari zaman ke zaman,
Amanah mu mangukuh rasa,agar terus tsabat dalam jalan kebenaran,
Tabligh mu menguat jiwa,jiwa da’i dalam rantaian perjuangan,
Fathonah mu menguji diri,supaya istiqamah mencari ertinya pengetahuan.

Ibadahmu…mencerminkan kehambaanmu,
Akhlakmu…mencerminkan kebersihan hatimu,
Pemurahmu…mencerminkan dunia tidak ada di dalam hatimu,
Sabarmu…mencerminkan ketahanan jiwamu,
Kasih-sayangmu…mencerminkan ketulusan hati nuranimu.

wahai penghulu anbiya..
Engkau patri kasihmu pada jendela hati,
Walau disaat kematianmu hampir di kaki bumi,
Engkau masih lagi mengingati kami umatmu,
yang tidak pernah engkau kenali,Ummati…ummati…ummati…

Ya Rasulullah..ya kekasih Allah…
Walau jasadmu tiada dibumi,
Walau berpisah diantara langit,
Walau berpisah diantara bumi,
Walau sirah diufuk kanan dan kiri,
Sehingga kini dirimu masih diingati.

Ayuh muslimin,ayuh muslimat,
Ayuh sama-sama kita mengimarahkan warisan nabi kita,
Ayuh praktikkan sunnah yang ditinggalkan,
Ayuh praktikkan kalamnya, Al-Quran dijadikan panduan
Keperibadiannya dijadikan tauladan.

Ayuh muslimim,ayuh muslimat,
Ayuh basahi bibir dengan selawat alunan,
Ayuh kita berselawat keatas nabi junjugan,nabi Muhammad S.A.W,
Biar bergema arasy biar bergema alam,
Moga menambah cinta,mengubat rindu pada kekasih-Nya….

Allahumma salli 'ala saiyyidina Muhammad wa 'ala ali Muhammad

Friday, January 7, 2011

case study:Islamic Financial Market

Secularism is defined a system of doctrines and practices that rejects any form of religious faith and worship the belief that religion and ecclesiastical affairs should not enter into the function of the state especially into public education. There is no doubt that secularism contradicts Islam in every aspect. They are two different paths that never meet; choosing one means rejecting the other. Hence, whoever chooses Islam has to reject secularism.

(1) Secularism makes lawful what Allah has made unlawful.

The Rule of Allah (Shari`ah) is compulsory and has basic laws and regulations that cannot be changed. Some of these laws are concerned with the acts of worship, the relations between men and women.Secularism makes adultery lawful if the male and the female are consenting adults.

As for Riba (interest on money), it is the basis of all financial transactions in secular economies. On the contrary, Allah says "O you who believe, fear Allah and leave what comes from Riba if you are believers. If you do not do so, then wait for a war from Allah and His Messenger."(S.2 A.278)

As for alcohol, all secular systems allow the consumption of alcohol and make selling it a lawful business.

(2) Secularism is clear unbelief (Kufr).
Secularism is based on separating religion from all the affairs of this life and hence, it rules by law and regulations other than Allah's laws. Secularism rejects Allah's rules with no exception and prefers regulations other than Allah's and His Messenger's. In fact, many secularists claim that Allah's laws might have been suitable for the time they were revealed but are now outdated. As a result, most of the laws governing the daily affairs of life in the countries ruled by secular systems contradict Islam. Allah says "Do they seek a judgment of Ignorance? But, who, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than Allah?" (S.5 A.50)

Ibn Katheer said in the Tafsir of this verse that Allah is denouncing those who reject His ruling and accept other rulings that are not based on the Shari`ah of Allah. Whoever does so is indeed a non-believer. For sure, belief in Allah can never go with the acceptance of other than His rulings in one's heart. Allah says "If any do fail to judge by what Allah has revealed, they are non-believers." (S.5 A.44)

From the above, the status of secularism and its relation to Islam are clear. But the ignorance about the Islamic truth is still dominate the Muslim's mind. Most secular systems repeat slogans like "no religion in politics and no politics in religion" or "religion is for Allah, and the state is for the people." Such sayings portray their view of Islam as a religion to be practiced in the mosque only, and that it should not be allowed to rule life outside the mosque. Furthermore, they try to deceive people with democratic slogans like "personal freedom" and "people governing people." That means that people come first and no place is made for the ruling of Allah.

This is why secularism is clear Kufr, this is why secular systems have no legality and authority and should be rejected by Muslims.